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Chelsea FC’s Stadium Megastore now accepts Love2shop gift vouchers

Love2shop vouchers have gone Premier League!

Alton Towers Resort now accepts Love2shop cards!

Now our gift card gains you access to the UK’s favourite theme park – the perfect summer day out for all ages. Read More >>

Bonus schemes – Is cash still king or is it just the easy option?

Martin Cooper looks at the pros and cons of the main bonus options to see which prevails in the battle… Read More >>

Fat cats and Kit Kats – when incentive schemes go wrong

Employee engagement, performance, results, profits – you can give all of these a significant boost using incentives and rewards. But getting it wrong can be a waste of time and money – not to mention counterproductive. Read More >>

“Communication is king” – a Love2shop White Paper

Industry expert Ross Musgrove tackles the main challenges facing employee benefits packages head-on in our exclusive White Paper. Read More >>

Customer loyalty killers: The top 10 customer service irritations revealed

The top 10 customer turn-offs as voted for by Which? readers. If you’re guilty of any of them, you could be losing out on customer loyalty. Read More >>

customer sevice irriitations

Trust is vital for employee engagement

Some of the best ways to motivate and engage employees are free. If you want your employees to give their best, you must place trust and respect at the heart of your business’ culture. Read More >>

Key skills to develop in your managers

What are the key skills of a good manager: time management; ability to motivate a team; communication? Do you prefer to recruit managers with previous training and experience under their belts, or would you rather ‘grow your own’? We identify some key management skills & how they can be developed. Read More >>

How to reduce sickness absence and increase engagement

You can’t always influence the causes of sickness absence, but there are steps you can take to encourage better attendance and maximise employee engagement. Read More >>

Developing a sales culture

Every business depends on sales – here are some tips on creating a culture that’s focused on maximising sales opportunities to drive profitability and growth. Read More >>

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