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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the different ways to pay with Love2reward?

A. There are several ways that you can make a purchase on Love2reward, please see our section on 'Ways to Pay' for more details.

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Q. How much does it cost to set up a V.I.P. program?

A. We pride ourselves in providing value for money propositions - and the VIP (Virtual Incentives Points) system is no exception. What we aim to do is ensure that the vast majority of any reward budget goes on the end reward itself and not on the infrastructure to run the scheme. Depending on your requirements and a one-off set up cost, we may be able to provide the system completely free of charge!

Q. Where can I spend Love2shop Gift Vouchers?

A. Check out our love2shop retailer list.

Q. How do I spend Love2travel gift cards?

A. Love2travel Gift Cards are only redeemable by ringing us on 0845 077 4444. Our experienced team of travel experts will be able to tailor make a holiday to suit your requirements. With over 200 tour operators to choose from, we're sure to find you the holiday of your dreams!

Q. How do I find out about new redeemers on Love2reward vouchers?
A. As the leading multi option gift voucher in the UK, new redeemers are joining us all the time. Why not sign up to our Pulse newsletter so we can keep you informed of new developments affecting Love2reward. Alternatively, go to our Information Centre.

Q. Can I personalise the standard Love2reward wallets?

A. Yes, you can work with our marketing team for this and many other fulfilment services and promotional ideas.

Q. How do I redeem my Love2choose gift card for vouchers?

A. Once you have received your card, simply visit, select the vouchers you wish to receive and the address you wish them to be delivered to and then enter the serial code number and security code detailed on the back of your card. Your vouchers will then be despatched within 2 working days. There is also an off-line option where you can return the card to us by post.

Q. I would like to personalise the Love2choose Cards and redemption website, is this possible?

A. This is dependent on the size of your requirement. If the order is large enough, then our Marketing team will contact you to personalise the proposition in your company's name.

Q. What vouchers can I purchase with the Love2choose gift card?

A. As well as our Love2shop and Love2travel offerings, you can purchase vouchers for Marks & Spencer, Argos, Debenhams, John Lewis, Arcadia, Dixons Group, National Garden, Theatre Tokens and Spafinder.

Q. Can I purchase my vouchers or gift cards online?

A. Yes, to buy your gift vouchers online. Click on the 'Buy Now' icon and either create an account if it is your first time on the site or login. Simply click on the voucher(s) you require to add them to your shopping basket and once you have finished shopping, go to the checkout and enter your corporate credit/debit card details. Alternatively, you can request a proforma invoice at the checkout stage or, if you are an existing credit account holder, click this option to forward your order to the Sales Support Team.

Q. I've noticed that the Love2shop voucher design has now changed, does this mean that the old style will not be accepted at stores?

A. As long as your Love2shop gift voucher has a valid expiry date, you may still use the version you have. If you have any further queries regarding your voucher, please complete the enquiry form or call us our Sales Support Team on 0845 601 4807

Q. How do I apply for a corporate credit account?

A. Use the 'Enquiry Form' or contact the New Business Team on 0845 313 0357 to request a credit application form. This needs to be completed and returned in conjunction with a request on your letterhead for your required credit limit. This will be processed, usually 24 hours, and you will then be informed of your credit limit and payment terms. Our standard policy, regardless of a successful credit account application, is to request cleared funds for the initial order.

Q. Do your vouchers or gift cards have an expiry date?

A. Our vouchers and gift cards now feature an expiry date as an additional security measure, but this date should always be a minimum of 6 months from receipt.

Q. Will I receive change from a retailer if my voucher is more than my purchase?

A. None of our redeemers are bound by the terms of their agreement to provide change in this situation; some will give change up to £1.00 and their own gift vouchers thereafter but some may not give any change regardless of the shortfall. The best advice is to check with the store in question prior to making your purchase.

Q. Do any restrictions apply when spending my Love2shop gift vouchers?

A. Yes, certain restrictions apply to these vouchers. For further details, please click on Love2shop restrictions.

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